About RDI


The mission of the Relational Diplomacy Institute is to promote and research the best practices in relational diplomacy and cultivate the next generation of Relational Diplomats to create the building blocks for a more peaceful, sustainable, and united planet.

Mission Objectives:

  • Promote the proactive and strategic use of Relational Diplomacy worldwide
  • Research and build best practices and the effective evaluation of Relational Diplomacy
  • Cultivate the next generation of Relational Diplomats, thereby creating the catalysts and building blocks for a more peaceful, sustainable, and united planet


The Relational Diplomacy Institute works to strengthen and evaluate the application of Relational Diplomacy by supporting rigorous research and active engagement. An agile, independent, nonpartisan, and think tank, the Relational Diplomacy Institute combines world-class research with policy analysis and innovative communications to turn ideas into action.

To carry out its mission, the Relational Diplomacy Institute engages an array of institutions and individuals, including nonprofit organizations, universities, policymakers, scholars and educators around the world, and believes in the power of cross-sector collaboration to bring about positive change through Relational Diplomacy by:

  • Supporting rigorous research and collaborative projects by administering fellowships
  • Co-organizing projects with a variety of other institutions